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Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.

~ William James

Some program reviews & testimonials

Just "THANK YOU" No need for more than that!
A. Hart
Mark’s intensive phobia-releasing session CURED me. The ‘trigger’ no longer causes me to shake and tremble. That’s a miracle! The healing affected more than just me.
I haven’t felt this good for a long time and it’s a great feeling. I just wanted to say thank you so much and I really appreciate all your help.
Mark, this song [Clear The Fear] & message really hit home for me today.  You have put a grown man in tears.  Thank You for what you do.  I think you are a genius, and I’m beginning to realize that you actually care about helping people.  So hard to “get out of your own way” sometimes…thanks for the reminder.
Mary F.
Fantastic! I love how Mark teaches. It's real. It's honest. The Beyond Beliefs Course has been extremely helpful particularly as a single mom dealing with the sudden death of my own mother and my own beliefs around parenting and self care. - Mary F.
Glad to be a part of the transformation tribe!
Judy M.
Being a teacher, I value teachers who are organized, able to communicate in a variety of ways to meet students learning modes and the willingness to go the extra mile even if it takes a bit more time than the allotted time to do so and to be honest with sharing their own difficulties.  In our "Beyond Beliefs" class I have seen you do all of the afore mentioned and appreciate your vulnerability, honesty and dedication to us to grasp and learn the information you are presenting.  A sincere and heartfelt Thank You to you.
In one of my classes there are a few individuals who are highly agitated most of the time, they are also nonverbal. When I played your Sound Healing Hypnosis Song Bath #4 they calmed down, relaxed and allowed me to do some handover hand movements with them. The energy shift in the room was palpable. When they went back to their rooms after the class the staff noticed the change as well. Your work is having a profound effect throughout the world.  Thank you Mark!!!
P. Scofield
Your transformational Song, "Eyes on the Horizon" is taking me new places. I grow a little bit more each time I listen.  I love connecting with your music -- it's so uplifting to be around folks who "get it", the emphasis on FOCUS is all over your music. I can't thank you enough for helping me take my life to the next level.  YEAH!!
Mark, WOW! What an e-mail from you, jammed pack full of good stuff to meditate on. I like the information about "the shift" as it explains so much!!I was so glad to hear from you today. Big blessings to you today. FROM YOUR #1 Minnesota fan!!
Hi Mark, I've been regularly using your breathing techniques and positive "why" questions. I also bought your song Arise Arise as it seems to really help when nervous.
A. M.
I've passed my goal weight for this week! I've lost 34 pounds so far. The "why" questions are my constant companion and advocating cadence. I am really starting to "get" how there is new path open for me towards life long health and fitness goals.
I've used your Shy Guy Help and ED courses to great effect, thank you!
Luis C.
Excellent customer service. Thanks a lot!!!!!!
Mark, I love that "Snap Out of It" Song! It really hit home, nice job, man!
Michael Guerin
"Mark, I just have to tell you that I am BLOWN away by the Sound Healing Hypnosis Songs you've been putting out every day! I just go to your YouTube Channel every morning to see what new stuff you've put up there. It ALWAYS seems to be EXACTLY what I need to hear for my day... Thank you!"
It makes me so calm and uplifted to listen, to allow your music to wash over me...
Man, every time I open my email and see the heading of one of your Honest Hypnosis emails, I instantly feel 100% better about everything, and it's almost always relevant to what I'm dealing with in the moment. Also, it isn't always my mood that it boosts (because I am a very happy person in general) but it just very nicely reinforces the steps I take to make my life more awesome every second! Thanks!
Randy & Shannon A.
We are doing really good. We even had dinner with family who smoked and we didn’t even want one, we cant even pick up one without it feeling gross. We do have one question…. Why can’t we stop washing dishes? If we see just one cup or fork in the sink we have to wash it. :o) Thank you for helping us be clean air breathers we feel great.
I have been so entranced in your music the last 30 minutes I failed to notice the dawn creeping upon me. Sitting here in Mother Earth's glory as I support my mama in taking her final breaths. Love you Mark. Thank you for your timeless gifts to us all. - Mary