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How Can Hypnosis Help YOU?

Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.

~ William James

Some program reviews & testimonials

Just "THANK YOU" No need for more than that!
It makes me so calm and uplifted to listen, to allow your music to wash over me...
I haven’t felt this good for a long time and it’s a great feeling. I just wanted to say thank you so much and I really appreciate all your help.
Mark, this song [Clear The Fear] & message really hit home for me today.  You have put a grown man in tears.  Thank You for what you do.  I think you are a genius, and I’m beginning to realize that you actually care about helping people.  So hard to “get out of your own way” sometimes…thanks for the reminder.
Deborah B.
Thank you for being such a blessing!
Hey, finished watching the Mojo course last night, great stuff. I already feel better!
Susan C.
I loved all the “transformation tools.” I use them every day. I feel positive – self love. Mark worked hard and really cares about  us. ...very giving – honest and compassionate – and listened to us…Thank you!
Paul H.
I've read and researched a lot of self improvement information and Mark Shepard's classes, courses, coaching and music are super relevant and helpful!
I'm happy to let you know that I have been sleeping better since taking your advice. The situation with my ex has also gotten better. My state of mind is very zen now. Thank you again
Jeannie K.
Dear Mark, I do a lot of driving to and from my classes my car has the best sound system for playing CD's. I have listened to 💥Spark & Flame 🔥 5 times, I hear something new each time. I've also taken the long way home and sat in the driveway to listen longer. I am currently reading The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks which is shining a light on my Upper  Limit Problems. Your songs are providing the opportunity for reflection and another lens to see what, where, how and why I am not stepping into my full potential and living a life filled with Love- loving myself, my family, my friends, others and the beloved I would like to have in my life. 💜In Gratitude With An Open Heart💜💜
This Sh*t WORKS!
P. S.
Things I loved: online setting, excellent tools, “goodies" every week, life-changing, thought-changing tools, activities and practices. Mark really helped me to “show up” for myself and my life. You gave me inspiration and courage. I am now so quickly able to spot when I’m off track. These transformational tools have become an active part of my life.
Judy M.
Being a teacher, I value teachers who are organized, able to communicate in a variety of ways to meet students learning modes and the willingness to go the extra mile even if it takes a bit more time than the allotted time to do so and to be honest with sharing their own difficulties.  In our "Beyond Beliefs" class I have seen you do all of the afore mentioned and appreciate your vulnerability, honesty and dedication to us to grasp and learn the information you are presenting.  A sincere and heartfelt Thank You to you.
Mark, WOW! What an e-mail from you, jammed pack full of good stuff to meditate on. I like the information about "the shift" as it explains so much!!I was so glad to hear from you today. Big blessings to you today. FROM YOUR #1 Minnesota fan!!
Leslie M. Thornton
Thank you for your work, Mark! You are a ROCKSTAR! …the best kind. Full of love and life!
Oh my god... when you said ‘now where's the anxiety?’ it gave me the biggest grin I've had in a long time… ‘cuz it was GONE! This is genius! You’re a genius sir!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me and replying to my emails. No questions in this one, just gratitude. I appreciate it.
Glad to be a part of the transformation tribe!
E. S.
So glad you're uploading videos regularly again, love these!
Kay F.
It wasn't an "instant" fix. It took a little while but one day I just stopped wanting all the sweets that I used to crave. Now I'm drinking more water and loving my body more.